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Regular Car (Logbook) Services are Important

Logbook servicing is essential if you want to keep your new car warranty, protect your investment & maintain optimal safety protection! Regular vehicle inspections can detect early signs of problems before they turn major, keeps your car in good working order & avoid any hefty unexpected bills. Whether it’s a logbook service, major service or just a simple oil change, B2X Auto can cater for your car servicing needs., we recommend regular servicing.

New Car Logbook Services
30% Cheaper than Your Dealer

Dealer vs Non-Dealer New Car Servicing

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010  gives Australian motorists the freedom to service their new car with their trusted auto workshop without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. The new car warranty is valid as long as the logbook service is done with a qualified mechanic in accordance with the manufacturer’s servicing schedules & appropriate quality car parts are used.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Upfront &  honest pricing are the key to happy customers in the last 20 years. While we service your car, there are chances that your vehicle may need a pink slip for car rego renewal, additional attention, or wheel alignment as it ages. At a time like this, we will contact you immediately, explain the issue & suggest the options for you to make the right decision on whether to get it fixed now or later. Upon completion of your car service, we’ll stamp your service logbook to keep your warranty intact &  let you have a car that is safe, well maintained & running efficiently.

  • Free safety inspection
  • Competitive upfront & honest pricing
  • Dealer quality service with more than 30% savings
  • High-quality workmanship with licensed &  certified mechanics
  • Quick turnaround
  • Fleet services
  • Latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
  • Over 20 years experience and in-depth mechanical knowledge
  • Service loan car available*
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