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Tyre Services & Wheel Services are important for your on road safety.  Quality, good condition tyres, aligned and balanced wheels are equally important in your car’s braking system, and they keep your car gripped to the road. They are the most critical safety mechanism and make your vehicle a pleasure to drive.

If you have low tyre tread, obvious damage to your tyres, experience vibration or poor handling while driving, It is time to get them checked. B2X Auto Pro is a specialist in tyre fitting and offers free expert advice on the right tyres and wheels for your car based on our extensive experience and up-to-date product training. Vehicle fitted with right tyres ensures your safe on-road and lets you take great control when driving.

We will Look After Your Tyres
so that They will Look After You

Tyre Services – Tyre Repair, Replacement Sydney

Driving a car with a worn tyre is a potential safety hazard, illegal and faces a heavy fine. We offer a wide range of tyre services, including stocks of  a wide range of quality tyres and wheels. We can help you choose the right tyre for your car based on your preferred brand and budget. Book now to have your tyres check and replaced at B2X Auto Pro on your preferred day and time. We will do it while you wait at the VIP lounge.

Wheel Services – Wheel Alignment  & Tyre rotation Service Sydney

Regular car service will keep tabs on your tyre condition and it is a perfect opportunity to have wheel services – wheel alignments & wheel balances performed. B2X Auto Pro can perform wheel alignment with the latest alignment technology, set your car wheels to meet the maker’s specification. Check the wheel balance and rotate your tyres at an affordable price. The tyre service & wheel services are an essential way to keep your car at its most efficient and to reduce tyre wear and ensure excellent safety and great handling.

Tyre Centre Sydney

We Stock a Wide Range of Tyres Including the Following Leading Tyre Brands

goodyear tyres
hankook tyres
michelin tyres
Toyo tyres
Kumho tyres
yokohama tyres
falken tyres
Pirelli tyres
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